• IMG 3019 - DIY Tufted Stool Makeover

    DIY Tufted Stool Makeover

    Hi Friends!  This week I’ve been working on giving my bathroom makeup stool a makeover! My mom bought this stool at TJ Maxx YEARS ago and it’s time to make it finally match…

  • Easy DIY Moss Wreath - Easy DIY Moss Wreath

    Easy DIY Moss Wreath

    I love anything that is farmhouse decor! Joanna Gaines is my inspiration for most home decor projects. Even if you don’t have a “farmhouse” there are lots of tips and tricks you can…

  • Screen Shot 2017 08 22 at 9.42.36 PM - How My Etsy Shop Got Started
    DIY,  Lifestyle

    How My Etsy Shop Got Started

    I started an Etsy shop almost 2 years ago called Chloe Layne Co. (named after my dog Chloe of course). It all started because a few of my students’  sweet moms got together…