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My Favorite Pregnancy & Postpartum Items

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1st Trimester:

Prenatal Vitamins – Prenatal vitamins are a MUST to make sure your baby is getting the vitamins and nutrients he or she needs to grow and thrive! Make sure whichever brand you choose contains folate! Before I got pregnant and in the very beginning of pregnancy I was taking the Pink Stork Prenatal, however once COVID hit they were out of stock for awhile and I switched to One A Day prenatal vitamins. I liked both of them and never had problems with either brand having a weird taste or making me feel nauseous! 

What to Expect When You’re Expecting– This book is actually very helpful to read each month of pregnancy and helps you know what changes are going on in your body and what symptoms you might experience. 

Preggie Pops– These little guys are helpful if you’re struggling with nausea! 

Ginger Candy or Ginger tea – Ginger is extremely helpful when it comes to morning sickness. If I started to feel nauseous sucking on a ginger candy helped, or you can drink ginger tea at night!

Stretch Mark Cream – I used the Burts Bee’s Belly Butter to help prevent stretch marks and ended up not getting any! (I’ve heard stretch marks are mostly genetic though) I love that it has clean ingredients and soaks into your skin quickly! 

Pregnancy Pillow– I had NO idea how much a pregnancy pillow was going to help me! I started feeling uncomfortable while sleeping during the first trimester. This helped my back pain so much and I liked that this one wrapped around you on both sides. Definitely a MUST have for me throughout my entire pregnancy. I always slept with it between my knees and anytime I slept without it my hips and lower back would be in so much pain the next morning. 

30oz Stainless Cup– Staying hydrated is super important, I tried to drink at least 100oz per day! 

Aztec Healing Clay Mask– My skin started breaking out and was more oily than normal during my first trimester. I have used this face mask since high school and it is a miracle worker! I mix with apple cider vinegar instead of water and it really helps with acne and brightens your skin. It is a bit drying though so I don’t suggest it if you already have dry skin but this helped my skin so much during the first 12 weeks. During the second trimester I didn’t struggle with hormonal breakouts as bad!  

350 - My Favorite Pregnancy & Postpartum Items

2nd Trimester:

Calm Magnesium Supplement– My mom actually bought this for me and told me how important it is to take a magnesium supplement. I noticed fewer aches and pains and I slept better when I drank this! You just mix a scoopful into your water and I didn’t mind the taste at all. 

Genexa Heartburn Tablets -I had HORRIBLE heartburn throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimester. This brand is a better alternative to Tums because it doesn’t contain any dyes or parabens and they are organic! 

Belly Band– As my belly grew my lower back started hurting worse and worse! This little band helped me feel some relief in between chiropractor appointments. This one didn’t make me too hot and wasn’t itchy! 

High Waisted Leggings– The 7/8 leggings from Aerie are what I wore all throughout pregnancy! These leggings are buttery soft and so stretchy. A lot of girls told me they are dupes for the Lulu align leggings (I don’t own any Lulu’s so I can’t compare) but these leggings were so great for me I bought a few pair! I tried a few other brands of maternity leggings from Target and Amazon but I didn’t like them near as much as the 7/8 leggings. 

Dr. Teals Bath Salts– I took a bath pretty much everyyy night and I’ve always loved the Dr. Teals brand! 

Cute Maternity Clothes– I didn’t need to buy a ton of maternity clothes since I was pregnant in the summer I pretty much wore maxi dresses, skirts, or leggings with big t-shirts. But I did order a few maternity pieces all from Pink Blush Maternity and love everything I ordered from there! They have cute and trendy clothes and literally always have a sale. I recommend trying out their jeans or denim shorts too they are so comfortable! Both of my baby shower dresses were from Pink Blush and they also carry beautiful gowns that are perfect to wear for special occasions or maternity shoots! 

350 - My Favorite Pregnancy & Postpartum Items

3rd Trimester:

Bouncy Ball– Bouncing on a bouncy ball helped my lower back and hip pain! 

Pink Stork Labor Prep Tea & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea – (Always ask your doctor before drinking/taking any supplements or herbs) I’ve heard drinking red raspberry leaf tea helps strengthen your uterine wall and decrease labor time. This is not to induce labor just to strengthen your muscles! Not sure if it did indeed do anything for me but I drank both of these teas daily starting around 32 weeks. 

Heating Pad- Helps with aches and pains! 

350 - My Favorite Pregnancy & Postpartum Items


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Pink Stork Postpartum Mood Support– I truly love all of the Pink Stork products that I have tried! I purchased this based on a friends recommendation and started taking the supplements when I got home from the hospital. I have had emotional ups and downs here and there after giving birth but so far have not felt any “baby blues”. The reviews on Amazon are great! 

Button Down Pajamas– I wore these pajamas in the hospital and they have been great to lounge around in at home as well! 

350 - My Favorite Pregnancy & Postpartum Items

Frida Mom Postpartum Kit– A friend bought this kit for me and it was truly a life saver! I loved every single product in this kit and love the Frida Baby brand in general. If you don’t purchase the kit they do sell the products individually too. I highly recommend getting their  Peri Bottle it’s much easier to use than the hospital one. Also the  Witch Hazel Healing Foam is a complete game changer I ended up buying and using 2 bottles of this stuff. It really helped me the first 2 weeks. I also prefer the Frida Mom Mesh Underwear over the ones the hospital provides so I ended up ordering an extra pack of those too. 

Nursing Bras– I have tried a few different brands or nursing bras, I really like the Bamboobies brand because they are so soft and comfortable enough to sleep in! Check their website they have discounts pretty often!  

Washable Nursing Pads – I also have really liked the Bamboobies washable nursing pads! 

Dermoplast– The hospital will give you this but you might need a second bottle like I did! 

Elvie Breast Pump – If you are breastfeeding I highly recommend the Elvie pump! This is the only type of pump I have used so I don’t have anything to compare it to, BUT I love the convenience of being able to stick these in your bra and pump completely hands free! I can’t imagine being tied down with a traditional type pump that needs to be plugged in. Also be sure to call your insurance directly and see if they will cover the Elvie in full or at least partially. The Aeroflow website told me I would need to pay $300 and my insurance would cover the rest, however when I called my insurance directly they said they cover it 100%! I was so surprised so it is definitely worth making the phone call. 

Haakaa Manual Pump– The haakaa is a must have if you are breast feeding! When the baby is nursing attach this to the opposite side to catch any extra milk that leaks! Some moms are able to build a good stash just from using this! 

Hot/Cold Breast Packs – Love that these are reusable and can be used hot or cold! Helps provide some relief! 

Donut Pillow– I actually didn’t have one of these I just came across it and SO wish I would have had one for those first 2 weeks recovering, I would have felt a lot more comfortable while sitting! 

350 - My Favorite Pregnancy & Postpartum Items


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