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Nursery Organization

The other day on stories I shared with y’all how I organized Hudson’s dresser and closet! I LOVE to organize so this was a lot of fun to me haha! Hopefully this can give you some helpful tips on how to arrange your little one’s clothing because it can be hard to know what to do with all of these teeny clothes and how to maximize your space! I’ve linked everything I’m able to below. Almost everything is either from Target or Amazon, otherwise if it is not linked I found it from HomeGoods! 

IMG 4353 scaled - Nursery Organization

Here is Hudson’s dresser/changing station! You can see the rest of his nursery here! On top we have the Hatch Baby Changing pad, I’m excited to try this out because it actually syncs to your phone and weighs your baby every time you use it! I’ve heard from other breastfeeding moms it can be really helpful to see if your baby is getting enough to eat and how they are gaining. I love that it is wipeable and will be easy to keep clean! We also have our wipe dispenser, and a basket to hold diapers, diaper cream, aquaphor, hand sanitizer etc. 

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In the top drawers I used drawer organizers from Amazon to help me maximize space and keep all of the little things together! The left drawer I separated items into hats, bibs, and socks. The right drawer is more of our “medical” drawer. I have all of his Fridababy products, medicine, extra creams, hairbrush, nail clippers, pacis and paci clips in here! 

350 - Nursery Organization

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The middle drawers I am using for his clothes! The left drawer is only newborn size & the right is only 0-3 months just so I can keep everything separate. Once he grows out of newborn I will wash and organize his 3-6 month clothes and organize the same way. 

350 - Nursery Organization

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Here’s a closer look at how I folded his clothes. I added another drawer organizer (these are seriously the best invention to me) to keep things separate. I have all of his footie pajamas on the left, pants folded in the middle, and then used a sock organizer to roll up his basic everyday onesies. All outfits that are a matching set, romper, gowns, etc I just hung those up in the closet! 

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The bottom 2 drawers we are using for extra storage. I put plenty of wipes, diapers, and burps cloths in one just so they will be handy to grab for when the basket or wipe dispenser runs out! 

IMG 5070 scaled - Nursery Organization

Here is a look at his closet! It’s not huge but I think we maximized the space really well! I used a cheap shoe organizer to roll up and store all of his burp cloths, swaddles, and muslin blankets. I also found the grey door organizer off of Amazon to store various items in too. Right now I have car seat covers, his moby wrap, sleep sacks, etc. stored in that one. The bottom of his closet I found these matching baskets and put some toys in one, and rolled up his thicker blankets to store in the other 2. His hamper is also from Amazon! If there is one thing you NEED to buy to help you keep your baby clothes organized I think it is these little size dividers! I love that I can keep each size separated from each other and they go up all the way to 24months! For the built in cubbies I found some large baskets that fit perfectly to store extra sheets and things. 

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