IMG 2015 - DIY Acrylic Frame Sign

DIY Acrylic Frame Sign

Today I’m sharing a quick and easy craft! I’ve been searching for a sign with a bible verse to put above Hudson’s dresser, but I haven’t been able to find the right thing. I’ve made wooden signs in the past, but I was feeling a more modern vibe. I’ve seen a lot of these painted acrylic signs on etsy and pinterest and they seem so sleek and pretty, so I decided to try and make one myself! I wanted to use the verse “And the child grew and became strong in Spirit” Luke 1:80. This verse is about John the Baptist growing up. John lived his life proclaiming the good news of Christ and was one of the most important prophets in the bible. Our prayer for Hudson is that he will grow up to be devoted to Jesus and know the love that our Father has for him. I pray he will spread the good news to others and live a life for Christ just like John. I designed and created this verse in Cricut Design Space and cut it out with vinyl. If you don’t own a Cricut you can still make similar signs using paint pens! 


  • Acrylic Frame or sheet of acrylic. Here is the exact one I bought from Amazon. You can also purchase sheets of acrylic from Home Depot of Lowes if you wanted to make a sign to lean against a wall or stand with an easel which would be an easy option too! 
  • Acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • Spray paint (I spray painted the screws gold for my sign but this is optional)

(If you’re using a Cricut)

(If you’re not using a Cricut and hand lettering or tracing)

Step 1: 

For Cricut users: If you’re using a Cricut, choose a design in Cricut Design Space or create your own. Here is the link for the exact design I made if you want to download it: Luke 1:80. The frame I purchased was 14in by 11in so I cut this design to be 12″ by 10.5″. The font I used is free and called Joyful Summer

Cut your design out with vinyl, weed it, and attach to the front your frame or sign using transfer tape. 

For non Cricut users: Use the Sharpie paint pen to hand letter your design or wording. You can always print and cut a piece of paper and tape to the back of the sign then trace the letters on top to make sure your spacing is right! 

IMG 2022 - DIY Acrylic Frame Sign

IMG 2021 - DIY Acrylic Frame Sign

IMG 2020 - DIY Acrylic Frame Sign

Step 2: 

Spray paint your screws any color you’d like if you want! I went with gold! 

Step 3: 

Paint the back of the piece of acrylic with simple acrylic craft paint. I started in the top left corner and just painted all the way across and down. There’s really no messing this part up and you can get creative with the colors you use! What I love about this too is if you mess up you can rinse the acrylic paint off and start over! Let the paint dry completely or use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

IMG 2018 - DIY Acrylic Frame Sign

IMG 2017 - DIY Acrylic Frame Sign


If you’re using a sheet of acrylic instead of this frame, you might want to seal the acrylic paint with something like mod podge because the paint will be able to be scratched easily. The frame I used had another piece of acrylic on the back so I didn’t worry about sealing the paint! 

Step 4: 

Once the paint has dried, attach your screws to the wall and put your frame together! Such a quick and easy craft and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Tag me in yours if you decide to make one too! 

IMG 2015 - DIY Acrylic Frame Sign

IMG 2027 - DIY Acrylic Frame Sign

pinit fg en rect red 28 - DIY Acrylic Frame Sign

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