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We’re Having A Baby!!

We are thrilled to finally share the sweetest news that Baby Wyatt is arriving October 2020! I’m almost speechless, still, and don’t really know where to even start to explain the past few months to y’all, but one thing I know for sure is that we are absolutely over the moon about this amazing blessing that God has given us!

Allen and I knew we wanted to have a family of our own from the moment we started getting serious in our relationship almost 9 years ago. What?! I can’t believe it’s been that long already! I’ve always known Allen will seriously make the BEST Daddy! The way he spoils and loves Chloe and Tucker, I can’t imagine how he’ll be with a baby haha and I can’t wait! 

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When we first got married (June 2015) we originally thought we would want to have a baby right when Allen graduated from med school. When that time eventually rolled around we were both like “Nahh not ready quite yet lol”. But at least we were on the same page! We really started praying about the perfect timing that God had planned for us and we knew He would put it on our hearts when it was His time.

Last Spring and Summer was a very busy time for us! We built our first home and moved, Allen matched into residency for Anesthesiology and graduated med school, I ended up quitting teaching at the end of the school year, we went on our dream vacation to Italy, then we both started new jobs in July! Phew I’m exhausted just thinking about all of the change and transitions we had during those few short months. Fast forward to the beginning of 2020, we were finally settled in our home and both enjoying our jobs. We both finally felt ready and felt like God was telling us it was the right time for us. We knew that we wanted to start trying for a baby in 2020 however, we also had no idea what our journey would be like or what God’s plan looked like for our family, so we just decided to turn all trust over to Him. We’d seen so many amazing people that we are extremely close to struggle throughout their journeys to growing their families, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t already have my own worries and fears about what our story may look like going into all of this. 

To our surprise we ended up getting pregnant the first month and we were both SHOCKED. I KNEW in my heart I was pregnant it is such a strange feeling that I can’t really explain. I took a test a few days early (knowing it was too early) and obviously it was a big fat negative. I remember crying to Allen being so upset and he was like “Brantly it’s okay it’s going to take longer than 1 month”. Well the next evening I took another test (because I’m crazy) and it ended up being positive! I was so shocked I took 5 more just to be sure! Allen was working a late shift that night and didn’t get off until 10pm. When he came home I had a present for him with a little onesie that said “Hi Daddy I love you”. He was in complete shock and we were both just so happy! This all happened 2 days before our trip to Mexico too (no margaritas for me lol)! We told our parents and close friends when we got back from the trip and it was so special to tell everyone the exciting news! 

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As for Baby Wyatt, he or she is doing great, which we are so extremely grateful for! All of our doctors appointments and ultrasounds have gone well! We first got to see our little peanut at 6 weeks and were lucky enough to see the heartbeat! We had a second ultrasound at 8 weeks, and again today at 12 weeks! It’s so crazy how fast little babies develop and grow each week. It is truly a miracle! We plan on finding out the gender on Easter! We are so excited to see if we’ll be having a baby boy or girl! Either way our hearts are so full!

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PS: I want to say that for any of you trying to conceive or those who are struggling- we are praying for you. Praying for trust and hope when times are trying and for strength and guidance. For anyone who has suffered the loss of a child, my heart goes out to you and I just want you to know that you are never alone. Women are incredible human beings and are both emotionally and physically so strong. All that to say, one thing that all of the worries and fears that I have prayed about over the past few years has taught me is that God’s timing truly is perfect. And it’s literally as simple as that. Even when we sometimes don’t understand why He does or doesn’t lead us down certain roads and we might not always understand it. I know He’s in control, and that is all my heart needs. 

Thank you all so much for being here and for being a special part of our lives — we are thrilled to share our biggest news yet with you all! Please join us in praying for a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy, and send all the good vibes, tips, tricks, and advice our way … We appreciate it so much! Also Chloe and Tucker have NO idea what’s coming HA! 

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