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Top 12 Recent Amazon Purchases

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Hi lovlies! 

I hope everyone has had a good week! Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite Amazon purchases that I’ve made lately! Who doesn’t love Amazon? I seriously don’t know what I would do without it. I always look to Amazon first before buying something somewhere else because they usually have the cheapest deals and you can’t beat their 2 day shipping! 

Below, I’m talking about why I love about each of these items! 

  1. Velvet Cami- I was so surprised by this cami! It was only $6.99 and has free returns so I thought why not! It is actually super cute and comes in a ton of colors! Such a good staple for Fall and will look really cute paired with a cardigan! Runs true to size (I got XS just for reference). 
  2. Fedora- This is my new favorite hat! Y’all know how much I wear my other fedora in the summer, now I’m so happy to have a cute one for Fall! It comes in quite a few colors too!
  3. Chunky Cardigan- This is the perfect chunky cardigan for Fall and Winter! Love the cozy oversized look! 
  4. Skinny Leopard Belt– I love a good skinny belt, they just seem to make an outfit looked finished sometimes! I love the print on this one. 
  5. Jesus Calling Devotional- This is my FAVORITE devotional! It is so great to read in the mornings and help get your mind focused on Christ and ready for the day. I recently ordered one for my Dad and he loves it too! Makes a great gift for anyone. 
  6. Ultra Fine Flair Pens- Okay I know what you’re thinking. Yes pens are on my top 12 purchases HA! If you know me at all you know I have to be organized and these are the BEST pens. I love the regular flair pens but these are even better! Not even kidding. Hurry and order them you will thank me later. They write so thin and perfect, and come in a pack of all pretty colors. My planner is so happy now <3 
  7. Face Steamer- I bought this on a whim and am obsessed with steaming my face now! I’m trying to use the steamer 1-2 times a week and use a face mask after and HOLY COW it makes my skin so soft! I can tell a noticeable difference in the smoothness and brightness of my skin! Steaming your face before using your products is supposed to open your pores and help absorb them better! I want to order one for my mom soon because I know she’d love it too! 
  8. Messy Bun Cap- This hat is so cute! It has a hole at the top so you can rock a high pony or a messy bun! 
  9. Velvety Throw Blanket- Our dogs are spoiled and think they own the couch. I bought this throw to protect the cushions from their nails and it velvety soft and so cozy but cheap! Chloe and Tucker approve 🙂 
  10. Everything But The Bagel Seasoning- If you follow my insta-stories you know I put this literally on everything! We don’t have a Trader Joes near us so I always order 1 (or three….) on Amazon! I love sprinkling it on roasted veggies, chicken, salads, etc! 
  11. V-neck Bodysuit- I’ve been loving body suits lately! This one is super cheap and the material is surprisingly soft! I love wearing them with skirts or high waisted pants so it always looks tucked in! 
  12. Reusable Ice Cubes- Very random purchase but very necessary lol. I love drinking iced coffee in the afternoons but HATE waiting on my coffee to cool down in order to add ice. I’m not very patient and when I need coffee ya girl needs her coffee. So I always end up with watered down cold-ish coffee (yuck). Now my problem is solved because no more melting ice cubes and watering it down YAY! 

I hope y’all liked these Amazon finds as much as I did! Let me know if you have any questions about anything! 

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