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Family RV Trip To Colorado

We just got back from our RV trip to Colorado with my parents and we had such a great time! If I’m being honest, before we even started this trip I really thought I would be SO sick of the whole RV thing at least half way through the trip (no offense to my parents) HA! BUT surprisingly enough I didn’t get tired of it or feel bothered at all. We were so busy with activities everyday that all we really did was sleep in the RV so I feel like we weren’t even there very much. It’s also a lot more spacious than you would think and it felt like a cozy little home away from home. Sooo with that being said if your family ever suggests taking an RV trip together I say go for it! It was actually a lot of fun and we made a lot of great family memories and it’s a unique experience! 

I’ve never been to Colorado in the summertime and all I can say is WOW! Colorado is such a beautiful place with absolutely perfect weather in the summer. When I see the mountains all I can think about is how GREAT our God is and how beautiful His creation is.  I really think I could stay there the whole summer if I didn’t miss my dogs so much. The biggest tip I can give if you’re visiting Colorado in the summer is to bring a lot of LAYERS! During the day it is pretty warm but at night the temperature drops a lot and it’s pretty chilly! Storms can pop up at anytime unexpectedly when you’re in the mountains too so pack a rain jacket for sure! Below I’ve made a list of the places we stayed, restaurants we ate at, and some different activities to do. I highly recommend each of these places! We had a great time and I’d definitely eat here/ visit these places again!

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Where we stayed

  • Garden of the God’s RV Resort– This is just your typical RV park, the spaces are kind of close together and there’s not a lot of trees but it was fine and close to Garden of the Gods which is nice!
  • Tiger Run RV Resort– This RV park is AWESOME! The lots are so spacious and nice. Some have little cabins built next to them and it is such a charming place! Some of the people here live here during the summer and you an tell it has a great community feel. There’s a clubhouse with an indoor pool, games, etc. and all of the facilities were very clean. I didn’t know RV parks could be so nice! 

Places to Eat

Things to Do

Horse drawn dinner wagon at Keystone Lodge 

We had such a fun time on our dinner wagon at Keystone Lodge! You ride a horse drawn carriage through the National Forest, and they take you to an original homestead from the 1890s! There’s live music and beautiful views! They serve you dinner and dessert and then you head back on the wagon at the end of the night! In the winter they do the same thing but with sleigh rides!

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ATV ride at 4 Eagle Ranch

At 4 Eagle Ranch we went on an ATV trail ride! It was 2 and half hours and well worth it! The views were amazing I felt like I was in the Sound of Music with all of the wildflower fields and mountains. 

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Garden of the God’s State Park

If you visit Colorado Springs you MUST go to Garden of the Gods! I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s easy to walk through! 

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Pike’s Peak

Pikes Peak is another must see! You can rive your car up to the top! Be sure to eat a fresh donut at the shop when you reach the top 🙂 

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What are your favorite things to do in Colorado? Comment Below! 

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